Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal?

Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal

If you have a computer, you know how to fix it. Your computer will inevitably end up running slowly or not at all, especially if you’re new to technology, which most of us are, for example. One of the main reasons; Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal? customers bring their computers is because they run slower than when they bought them. They always want to know who or what is to blame. Sometimes maybe it is possible the problem is that your computer is slower than when you bought it … YOU!


Maintenance is essential to keep your computer running at peak performance. Just like your car needs regular oil and filter changes, your computer also needs to clean the old programs that aren’t in use, spyware updates, and tweaks to ensure maximum performance. Of course, there could be more reasons for the slowdown. It’s best to take your computer to your local computer repair company as if you had sent your car to a mechanic; to study carefully.

Virus, Trojans, Spyware:

Another reason why your computer may be running slower than usual may be that your computer has been infected with a virus. Trojans, spyware, and malware can be the root cause of the slow performance of your computer. Spyware creates a problem when strangers break into your computer without your knowledge and start sending personal data to organizations that will take advantage of your system and slow it down. Even if you’ve installed the latest virus protection, you can still get infected, it just reduces the chances. Virus scanning and removal is a necessary part of Computer repairing. Your local computer repair shop can do this. It is recommended to tune your PC at this time. After doing this your PC’s speed and efficiency will boost up.

Remove unused Files:

You can also check your computer and remove added files and programs that you don’t need. The more files and programs you store on your computer’s hard drive, the slower it will be. I recommend having a separate USB drive for storing large files such as pictures, Word, and Excel documents. Space is expanding rapidly. Also, remove all unnecessary shortcuts from your desktop that might make your computer run at a snail’s pace.

If you’ve tried all of these solutions, it’s important to check your computer’s hard drive. Run Disk Defragmenter, which will help you optimize the way you store your data, then Scandisk to make sure nothing is actually damaged on the disk.

Finding a Computer Repair Shop You Can Trust:

CPU overheating:

Another common problem is CPU overheating. It is a common thing. First, you need to make sure that your computer’s cooling system, the fan, is working. When you checked fan is not working. The firstly replace the computer fan. I have found this to happen to me when I am lying in bed in front of my laptop and forget about the heat issue. Whenever you covered your computer, the airflow will be blocked. In this particular situation, the Computer will heat up.

Memory or Hard drive issues:

Memory, hard drive space, and hardware/software conflicts are all issues that can also cause your computer to slow down. If you want to repair your computer and checked all the things I mentioned earlier. Then I can recommend you that restart your computer as soon as possible. Basically, it will be cleaning the computer and restarting the operating system. Before doing this, make sure your data is backed up. Additionally, it requires the installation of programs that you run on your computer. This is basically a last resort, but it will make your computer feel like you’ve brought it home.

Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal?

If you have still no idea about Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal? You can visit our computer repair shop in Las Vegas. We have a great computer repair technician.

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